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With its warm climate, picturesque countryside and cosmopolitan cities, Portugal is a delightful country to live and work in. It’s also one of the safest, with plenty of entertainment options and a wealth of great restaurants, bars and cultural attractions to keep you entertained in your downtime.

And despite being one of the sunniest countries in Europe, it has a relatively modest population of around 10 million people, with most people living and working on the Atlantic Coast in the north-west of the country. With the exciting cities of Lisbon (the capital) and Porto based here, it’s no surprise this is where most expats relocate to.


Lisbon is a colourful, cultural hub with many unique districts. It’s also very historic, with charming architecture and fascinating museums to discover. It has an extensive transport system including buses, a metro and trams which expand beyond the city limits, perfect if you’re looking to relocate to the outskirts and commute daily.

Jobs in Lisbon

The average income of someone working in Lisbon is higher than anywhere else in Portugal, with a fantastic job market across a range of sectors, although the services sector is the largest thanks to the expat population. That means customer service advisors and sales reps are in high demand.
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Porto is most famous for its exported port wines, but that is not the only reason to consider moving to the city! Similar to Lisbon, it has beautiful architecture and a wonderful atmosphere, again being very popular amongst tourists. The picturesque Douro River serves as a focal point for many of the restaurants and bars, meaning you’re never short of entertaining nightlife.

Jobs in Porto

When searching for a job, English-speakers are often sought-after by a diverse array of employment sectors, including those in call centres, IT and sales.  Accommodation can be found in the city centre or, if you prefer lower rent costs, on the outskirts with easy transport options to aid your commute.
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Permits and taxes when working in Portugal

Anyone from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland does not need a work permit to initially apply to work in Portugal. Upon arrival you have six months to find work, and then you must apply for a resident’s permit from the Portuguese Immigration Office. Anyone from countries outside these areas can only get a work permit if they have a formal offer of employment – and considering companies are encouraged to hire from within the EU, this can make obtaining a permit difficult.

The tax year in Portugal follows the calendar year, meaning it ends on 31st December. You will be classed either as a tax resident, if you live in Portugal for more than half the year, or as a non-resident. Tax residents pay tax on all worldwide earnings whereas non-residents only pay tax on earnings in Portugal. There is also the non-habitual residence tax regime (NHR) which can secure you a flat income tax rate of 20% for your first decade in the country.


Cost of living in Lisbon

Cost of living in Porto


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