Graduate Jobs Abroad in Gibraltar

With approximately 300 days of sunshine a year, a beautiful landscape and varied wildlife including the famous Barbary apes, Gibraltar is an extremely popular destination for expats across Europe but particularly those from the UK. It’s a British Overseas Territory and is English-speaking, with a subtropical Mediterranean climate ensuring hot dry summers where you can unwind on the beach. Many industries are represented in Gibraltar, providing ample opportunity to further your career.

Applying for a job in Gibraltar very much mirrors the UK – all contracts are in English and the interview process is generally the same. Indeed most processes in Gibraltar are the same as in the UK, so it’s ideal for any UK expats who just wish to enjoy a better climate! Language isn’t normally an issue either, as most industries are suitable for those fluent in only English. However, learning Spanish can be beneficial, particularly if you live across the border or intend to travel frequently.

Jobs in Gibraltar

Despite being a popular destination for tourists, the service industry is not the largest in Gibraltar, although there is plenty of work of this type should it be what you’re looking for. Rather, a number of online bookmakers and games-based services have a base here, accounting for the largest percentage of the workforce, and they are often on the lookout for sales and brand professionals and customer and technical support agents, amongst others, with an interest in online gaming and sports betting.

Finding accommodation in Gibraltar

When you’re looking to work in Gibraltar, many people instead decide to live across the border in Spain. Indeed it’s estimated that 9,000 people commute to Gibraltar from Spain, out of a total workforce of 20,000 – so almost half do not live in the country.

Use our services and our clients will help you find rental accommodation, either in Gibraltar or in nearby La Linea.


Permits and taxes when working in Gibraltar

If you’re an EU citizen, you’re eligible to apply for a work permit after living in the country for six months. These are granted for five years and are renewable. If you’re a non-EU resident you can still apply for a work permit but you’re only eligible if a local resident isn’t willing to do the same job, so it can be harder to be successful.

In terms of income tax, if you earn between £8,000 and £16,000 per year you’ll be taxed 8% on the first £10,000 and then 20% on the remainder. Earnings above that are on a sliding scale, so for example, if you earn £18,000 to £19,000 then you aren’t taxed on the first £4,000, but this drops to £3,000 when you earn £19,000 to £20,000. When you earn above £35,000 the tax rate also increases to a maximum of 29%. The system can be a little complex but ultimately, most people find they are better off on an equivalent salary when they move to Gibraltar.


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