Technical Industry Jobs in Germany

Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world, and it is a major force in the EU, which makes it a very attractive destination for any expats looking to further their career or get a fresh start in a magnificent country. It is modern and cosmopolitan, with a storied history too, and across the country there is a rich diversity between the contemporary cities and the breath-taking countryside and forests.

It’s the most popular destination for expats although there are many other major cities to choose from, including Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and more. Even the smaller towns often have ample opportunity for expats to seek work, so you’ll have ample choice when deciding where to live.


Berlin is the capital city of Germany and a true delight. It has an outstanding, reliable transport system so getting around is easy, and a wealth of jobs to choose from across various sectors. The city has a population of 3.5million, and it has a wealth of cultural attractions including museums and historic landmarks, along with plenty of bars, restaurants and cinemas, so you’ll never be short of entertainment.

Most expats tend to move to the Charlottenburg neighbourhood, which is quite wealthy and family-friendly, or the exclusive Westend, although the increasingly gentrified Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to the east is becoming more popular too.


Jobs in Berlin

While it’s easy to find a job in almost any sector in Berlin, including the financial, media or service industry, it’s the tech industry that is booming most, drawing developers and other technical support workers from across Europe to enjoy the opportunities in this thriving city. The service and public sectors are also large as this is Germany’s capital city, meaning there is plenty of scope for admin and secretarial work, human resources, business development and customer support opportunities.

Finding accommodation in Germany

If you choose to use our services, then our client based in Berlin will help source accommodation for you. However should you wish to apply yourself, is a good resource for finding apartments and other properties in Berlin and other Germany locations.

Permits when working in Germany

If you’re moving to Germany from an EU or EEA country, or from Switzerland, then you don’t need any visa or permit to live or work in Germany. You just need to obtain a registration certificate to prove that you live in Germany, just as any German citizen must do too. You only need your passport and a copy of your rental agreement to acquire this. You’ll need this certificate to open a bank account.

Any non-EU or EEA residents moving to Germany will need to apply for a residence permit and will need a passport, proof of health insurance coverage and also proof of funds to support themselves in the form of a bank statement or an employment contract.

Cost of living in Germany


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