Sales, Customer Support and HR Jobs in Dundalk

Dundalk is a small town situated in County Louth. It’s situated on the Castletown River, close to the border with Northern Ireland. This means it’s about halfway between Dublin and Belfast, so it’s a good choice for relocation if you want to visit the larger cities without living amongst the hustle and bustle. It’s picturesque with the river flowing into Dundalk Bay, and some good beaches within easy reach.

Jobs in Dundalk

Despite being a smaller town, there are a number of international companies based in or near Dundalk offering ample opportunity for work in a variety of sectors, including sales, customer support and HR, with several major names from across the globe basing their European arms here. With good transport links nearby, including Dublin International Airport just an hour away, it often attracts new businesses too.

Finding accommodation in Dundalk

It’s easy to find accommodation in Dundalk using the websites or You can also use local newspapers or estate agents when you visit the area. Dundalk is a small town but despite that, accommodation is plentiful, as many expats instead move to the major cities of Dublin or Cork. It’s also cheap, so if you’re planning on living on a budget or you just want to maximise your earnings, it may be a good option to consider.


Permits and taxes when working in Dundalk

As long as you’re moving to Dundalk from a country in the EU or EEA (or Switzerland), you don’t need to apply for a work permit to enter Ireland – you can enjoy freedom of movement. It’s when you’re moving to Ireland from a country outside of these that you need to apply and you may find it difficult – Irish citizens and then EEA + Switzerland citizens must take priority.

Ireland uses the PAYE system to collect income tax on your earnings in the country. Anything you earn whilst living in Dundalk will be liable for tax. There are two tax bands depending on how much you earn, and these vary depending on whether you’re an individual or you’re either married or in a civil partnership. Individuals earning up to 32,800 EUR, or couples who jointly earn up to 41,800 EUR, are taxed at 20%. Anything earned above these rates is taxed at 40%. If you’re aged 65 or over and are either single or widowed, you can earn up to 18,000 EUR tax-free.


Cost of living in Dundalk


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