Helpdesk/Customer Support Jobs in Cork

Cork is situated in the south-west of Ireland and is the third most populous area of the country. It’s a historic destination with many of its own landmarks, having been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture twice. Cork is a cosmopolitan city with plenty of bars and restaurants, making it a popular choice for expats from around the world. It’s also well suited to families, with a lower cost of living than larger cities and affordable accommodation.

Jobs in Cork

Cork is a great destination for work as there are many different sectors available, while it’s relatively easy to explore and see the sights of the Emerald Isle in your downtime. A number of international companies have either offices or distribution centres in Cork, with sales-based and helpdesk/customer support jobs across business and entertainment sectors dominating the area.

Finding accommodation in Cork

It’s relatively straightforward to find accommodation in Cork. Most people tend to search online using the websites and where you’ll find hundreds of options to choose from, although you can also visit estate agents or check local newspapers during any planning visits to the city. Most accommodation within the city is flats and semi-detached houses, with flatshares available for younger expats who want to keep costs down. Buying property is also a viable option with prices lower than major cities such as Dublin, and it could be a good investment.


Permits and taxes when working in Cork

Anyone moving to Cork from another EU or EEA country (including Switzerland) won’t need to apply for a work permit – you can enjoy freedom of movement to live and work in Ireland. You will need a permit if you’re moving to the country from one outside the EEA, and it may be tricky – immigration policies in Ireland have been tightened following the 2008/9 economic crisis and now the priority for work is always given to Irish citizens and then those from EEA states.

During your stay in the Republic of Ireland, your earnings will be taxed under the PAYE system, unless you’re self-employed where you’ll need to fill out a tax return. Individuals who earn up to 32,800 EUR are taxed at a flat rate of 20%. However if you’re married or in a civil partnership, you’ll instead have a joint threshold of 41,800 EUR. Any earnings above these figures for individuals or couples are taxed at 40%. And anyone aged 65 or over who is single or widowed can earn up to 18,000 EUR without paying tax.

Cost of living in Cork


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