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Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, established around 3,000BC, ensuring it has a truly rich heritage to enjoy. It’s popular with expats due to this incredible culture, as well as its wonderful cuisine and of course, its climate. With long, hot summers and mild winters, it makes for a very pleasant location to live and work – with 665,000 people calling the city centre home.

Jobs in Athens

If you would like to find accommodation to rent in Athens, some of the more useful websites to use include and If you’re looking to buy a property you shouldn’t have any issues, as investment from foreign workers is encouraged. You may just need a permit if you buy a property in a ‘border area’, although for EU citizens this is simple enough. Most people in Athens tend to rent though.

Permits and taxes when working in Athens

If you’re a citizen of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland, you won’t need an entry visa when you move to Athens, just your National ID or passport. If your origin country isn’t one of these, then you will need to travel to your local Greek consulate to apply for an initial three-month visa. You’ll need a form filled out in English or Greek, a medical certificate and insurance that’s valid in Greece, a biometric photo alongside your passport, and an excerpt from the penal register of the country you’re moving from.


In terms of tax, you only need to pay income tax if you live in Greece for 183 days per year or more, and only on money earned from Greek sources. You’ll need to submit your annual tax return on 30th June. There used to be eight different tax thresholds to be concerned with, but that was greatly simplified in recent reforms and there are now only three. Earnings up to 25,000 EUR are taxed at 22%, then 25,001 to 42,000 at 32%. For anything above that, the rate is 42%. If you’re a freelancer or a sole trader then the thresholds are slightly different for your business income – 26% below 50,000 and 33% above that amount.

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