Multilingual Jobs in Amsterdam – Living and Working in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and, without a doubt, is the cultural hub.
It is a charming, pretty city famed for its canals and its many museums, with a population of just over 1.6 million. Many tourists visit the city every year to sample the local beers, tour the art galleries and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere, which has resulted in a large expat community here too.

Jobs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a strong economy with a highly skilled, international workforce. Many sectors are represented or headquartered in the city, giving anyone looking to move here a good chance of finding employment within their chosen sector. As a strategic location, it is a hub of a range of industries from finance to retail, all of which require excellent business development, accounting, HR and customer service representatives. The city is welcoming to international workers, with many schools and law firms catering to the English-speaking market for any essential services for you or your family.

Visas when working in Amsterdam

Anyone within the EU or an EEA nation has no need to apply for a permit to enter Amsterdam – they only require their passport or national form of ID. They can also apply for work without needing a permit. However, if you’re moving here from a non-EU nation, you’ll need to acquire an entry visa and a work visa in order to apply for a job. Requirements for the entry visa will vary depending on your country of origin, so it’s worth checking with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service if you fall into this category.

Finding accommodation in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for private accommodation for your move to Amsterdam, you don’t need a housing permit for most properties. The only time this varies is if you’re applying for one of the cheaper apartments in the city, where a rent agreement is in place to stop it from exceeding a certain limit. There are no such requirements on owner-occupied housing or higher-priced apartments.

Most accommodation within the city will be apartment-style, but there is a reliable train service should you wish to find housing on the outskirts and commute in.

To find accommodation, you can check the popular websites, Rooftrack or WoningNet, all of which offer suitable housing for expats. Letting agents are available to aid you in your search, whilst properties are still often listed in local newspaper classifieds too.

Cost of living in Amsterdam 


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