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At Recruitment Direct we understand your needs as a candidate and can offer the very best employment opportunities across the UK, Ireland and the European continent. We work with market-leading companies, so the packages on offer with us are extremely attractive and competitive. In a world of increasing workforce mobility, our vastly experienced professional team can advise on the many exciting opportunities emerging across Europe and also assist you with many aspects of the relocation process.

Our commitment to you

When you apply for a position through Recruitment Direct your application will be treated with the utmost care and attention. Our skilled recruitment team aims to ensure the right person goes forward to the right job – we are here to guide and assist in securing the best possible position for you.

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Hints and tips on Interview Technique

Hints and tips on interview technique Preparation is the key to success.

Take time to research the sector – know the job you’re applying for.

Language ability is often a central requirement – be prepared to demonstrate your language skills.

Be confident. If you are being interviewed, it means an employer may be interested in you. An interview is your opportunity to shine!

Ask questions – the interview is a two-way process, be prepared to ask questions from us.

Show your enthusiasm and desire to take up a particularly vacancy. Employers are looking for people with the right blend of qualifications and personal qualities.

Our aim is to place you in the position that suits your skill set – give us the clearest possible picture, be accurate and honest in your interview.

Do give us feedback and be prepared to submit all relevant supporting documents and certificates.

Hints and tips on CVs

As with the interview, the key to a great CV is preparation and organisation.

Structure your CV effectively and keep it simple. Your strengths and qualifications must come across immediately to a reader.

Key areas to focus on include: Overview (in a paragraph tell us about your key attributes); Employment history (begin with the most recent position); Qualifications (most relevant and recent qualifications first); Educational history; References.

Your CV should not be more two sides of A4 in length.

We are specialist recruiters for the call centre industry. Tailor your CV for the jobs we post. If you’re interested in a sales position, focus the CV  content around this specification.

Bullet point information. This is a useful method of conveying information quickly and succinctly.

Our aim is to place you in the position that suits your skill set – give us the clearest possible picture, be accurate and honest in your CV.


Working abroad: Documentation

Candidates must ensure they have the proper legal documentation permitting them for work in the destination country.

For information about travelling and working within the UK

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For information on working Visas within the European Union

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For more information about Schengen Visas applications

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For more information on travel documentation required

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Working abroad: Useful links

Check out the links below for more information about living and working in the European Union

Language skills

Language skills are an essential element to the roles we recruit for. We recruitment and place candidates in roles across Europe, so in addition to taking a language test you must be able to produce documentation to support your application. The below are useful links: